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The FCO’s Travel Aware Campaign

For those of you that don’t know, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are an integral part of the travel industry.

They give up to date, comprehensive advice about anywhere you wish to travel in the world in relation to visas, vaccines and more.

Currently, the FCO are running a campaign called ‘Travel Aware’ with a whole host of information included, as well as being able to download a checklist to tick off.

They will also advise as to whether the country is safe to travel to or not. You can enter the country of choice into their website to find out all the information relating to the destination by clicking here.

Please note, if the FCO advise against travelling to any destination, we would not cover you to travel, so please ensure you check before travelling.


Holiday Travel Advice

We want all of our customers to have an amazing time on holiday. After all, that’s what they are all about, creating memories with your friends, family and loved ones to remember for years to come. Therefore we want to ensure that you have all the information you require, to reduce the risk of any problems.

Whilst away ensure you try and do as many of the following as your trip allows:

  • If you are carrying cash, wear a money belt to reduce the risk of it being taken, and don’t put all your money and cards in it when exploring.
  • Never leave any of your belongings with strangers!
  • Ensure to check your baggage for damage when you are reclaiming it.
  • If the hotel room has a safe, use this for any valuables including documentation that you don’t need to be carrying around with you.
  • Top Tip: Although some countries will ask you to use passport as identification, take a photocopy so you are able to leave the original in the safe.


Travellers Checklist


We have created a checklist for before you travel, for an all-inclusive list, please use the link above for the FCO’s list.


  • Ensure you check whether or not you need any vaccines for the destination you are travelling to in plenty of time, as with some of them you may need more than one in a set period of time before travelling. We advise to allow at least six weeks, but check with your GP for their timescales.
  • Ensure any prescribed medication is packed in your hand luggage and that you have enough to last you the holiday plus a few days extra, just in case of delays.
  • If travelling within Europe, ensure you have your EHIC card with you at all times. If yours has run out or you can’t find it, click here to get a replacement. The EHIC is the revised E111 form, and it is crucial you have this with you in case you require medical treatment within Europe.
  • Check expiration dates on all cards you are intending on taking with you abroad, and take only the ones you are wanting to use, making sure you advise your banks or credit card companies before travelling so they don’t block your card due to suspicious behaviour.
  • Always check that the country you are travelling to accept your payment method, whether that be card (also check if they accept the cards you are wanting to use) or traveller’s cheques. Top Tip: Try not to purchase currency at the airport as this can be subject to high commission rates and usually the exchange rate is a lot less than high street retailers.
  • This one may sound obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people forget! Please make sure you double check your passport’s expiration date, as well as those you are travelling with. It will need to have at least 6 months left until expiry, although some countries further afield do ask for more.
  • Always check the airline’s baggage restrictions for both cabin luggage and hold luggage as you don’t want to be caught out and have to discard items or pay for extra luggage when it could have been avoided. If you can, purchase some digital luggage scales, and use these before leaving your house to have that peace of mind.
  • We would suggest packing all valuables in your cabin luggage as this stays with you the whole time. Also, try and pack a few vital items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a spare change of clothes including underwear. This just saves further stress if your luggage goes missing.